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Breeding Since 2012

 Salinas family is from South Carolina and breeds Belgian Malinois.

We are not a kennel; we breed our dogs on our farm in Aiken, South Carolina. Our puppies grow up in open spaces having lots of room to play and have fun. We believe that happy puppies grow up to be happy dogs.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) proudly supports the Salinas family and Warrior K9 as members of the community. We are a member of the organization as well. If you need any information about our puppies, please contact us at or text us at 985-264-3812.


  • AKC Registration Application Provided
  • AKC National Breed Club Member: American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc.
  • AKC Specialty Club Member: Augusta German Shepherd Dog Club
  • AKC Licensed/AKC Member All-Breed Club: Columbia Kennel Club, Inc.
  • Dogs Compete in AKC Events: Performance, Obedience, and Tracking
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